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Palmerton Moravian Academy

Greetings sports fanatics! Today the Moravian Academy Lions played host to the Palmerton Blue Bombers. Right from the start it was made clear the game would be known as the Matthew Machalik show. Machalik scored his teams first 12 points as the Blue Bombers led 19-8 at half. Machalik would continue his torrid start as he added 13 points in the 2nd to bring his total up to 25 as the Bombers led 35-18 at half. Although the Lions would Matt to 2 points in the 3rd, other Bombers helped pick up the pace to keep Palmerton in the lead 45-28. Machalik would finish his day with 10 in the 4th to set a new career high in points with 37 as the Blue Bombers won handily 60-37! Machalik stated after the game that his teammates were the biggest reason for his hot start to the game!

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